Single panelled operable walls are room separators that are attached to the ceiling. Unlike continuously hinged operable walls, these panels are not intercon- nected and when opening the wall the panels are stacked at the end of the track with one roller or on another track with two rollers. There are sound insula- tion seals between the panels, ceiling and floor.

The operable walls structure is composed of aluminum profiles, sheets of treated particleboard or MDF and insulation. The combined structure forms a panel that has a total thickness of 100–120 mm and depending on the insulation material ensures a soundproof resist- ance of 40–57dB (decibels).
Stationary end parts with a standard width of 80 mm are installed at the ends of the wall.
Because the wall is suspended from the ceiling, it is important for the installation of the wall that the wall is attached to something solid (i.e. concrete ceiling, steel structure, wood beam etc.). Alternatively, the track of the operable wall can be attached to the constructive ceiling using threaded bars and special attachment plates.
The standard colour for the profiles of the operable wall are white (RAL 9010) and the edge profiles of the panels have a naturally anodized finish.

There is a wide variety of panel surface treatments, from which a suitable one can be chosen:
• White melamine (standard)
• Coloured melamine (RAL and NCS catalogues)
• Decorative melamine
• Natural veneer
• Special solutions (laminate, magnet board, marker board, etc.).
As a special solution it is possible to install a glass opening in the centre of the panel. The opening can cover the whole panel, the bottom or the top.
The maximum measurement of the glass is 150 mm in from the sides of the panel and 300 mm in from the top and bottom of the panel.

A pass door may also be installed in the operable wall. The pass door can be installed inside a wall panel, or as a special solution, from floor to ceiling as a full door. In the latter case, the door remains stationary and one edge is always attached to the existing wall.
A standard factory-specified lock, in which the Euro (DIN) core can be used, is installed in the pass door.

Thickness: 100–120 mm
Weight m2: 35–63 kg/m2 depending on the sound insulation
Max height: According to panel ́s surface treatment and weight
Panel width: Min 650 mm / Max 1320 mm
Sound insulation: Rw 40–57 dB