SILEN Modular silent rooms for open spaces

SILEN SPACE modular concept enables you to change the room size whenever you need, and by adding a Space module you can upgrade any Space to fit 6 people (apart from Space 1). All Spaces have hidden wheels and adjustable legs which make them quickly movable and easily installable.The modules can be attached and detached swiftly and simply.

The silent air circulation system guarantees a fresh atmosphere for longer phone calls, conversations and meetings. Silen Spaces follow the Plug and Play principle – all systems are ready for use straight after installation. You can get a Space without furniture, with the Silen Standard Furniture set or fitted with the furniture of your choice from a Silen distributor. Exterior panels are made of durable laminated surfaces that come in 3 standard and 29 custom colours.

Silen Spaces come with a warranty of up to 5 years.

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