The movable partition wall system VAL is a suitable solution for creating new office space arrangements and separating workplaces, taking into consideration the changing needs of office premises. VAL has a modular design which makes it easy to install and if necessary re-arrange or move. The design, width and height of the movable partition walls will be specifically manufactured in accordance with the designer’s or customer’s requirements (keeping in mind the maximum dimensions).

The modules are made from varnished, painted or veneered MDF profiles or wood-ply profiles that are 30 x 69 mm. The modules are assembled (framework, panels, seals, etc.) at Wallenium’s production facility and only the connecting of the modules is done on site. The VAL 60 system is designed to separate workstations. This system consists of freestanding or interconnected partitions with adjustable leg supports and is not attached anywhere else.
The maximum dimensions of a module are 1000×1800 mm.

The modules are made from varnished, painted or veneered MDF profiles or wood-ply profiles. The standard size for both types of profiles is 30 x 92 mm, but depending on the customers’ needs, the depth of the profiles can be between 60-200 mm. The modules are assembled (framework, panels, seals, etc.) at Wallenium’s production facility and on-site they are simply connected together. The wall system VAL 90 can be installed into openings or left open at the top. If left open, a connection bar (30 x 92 mm) is used at the top of the modules to stiffen the entire wall. In addition, a 30-40 x 8 mm MDF trim will cover the perimeter.
The maximum dimensions of a module are 1100×2800 mm.

Right angles are fixed with a 60×60 mm or 92×92 mm (or according to the depth of the profile) profile (post). In the case of the VAL 90 system, a right angle can also be made without a post and the glass meets at the corner. This is done by cutting the tops and bottoms of the profiles at 45-degree angles and reinforced with a threaded rod which is covered by an aluminium pipe.

With the VAL partition wall system many different types of doors may be used, which include: standard doors (with or without glass openings), panel doors with special dimensions, double sided panel doors, sliding doors, full-glass doors, etc., can be used. The doors latch is typically the same thickness as the walls depth which is generally 92 mm. If necessary, the depth of the latch can be specifically made to the right size. All locks, handles, knobs, door hardware, etc., that are suitable for a certain type of door can be used.

The profiles, doors and panels of the VAL system can be varnished, painted (according to the RAL and NCS catalogues), veneered and stained.
Different types of glass can be used inside the frames or panels that are painted, veneered, varnished or fabric covered can also be used.
Venetian blinds, roller blinds, ropes, etc., can be attached to the modules.

The VAL 90 system can be made so the walls can be used as a shelf. To do this, profiles are made up to 600 mm deep. Glass or other types of panels are mounted either along the edge or in the middle of the profile; in this way, shelves are formed either on one or both sides of the glass. By adding doors to the shelves, one can create closets. On shelf modules with a width of over 900 mm, two aluminium pipes are installed in the middle of the profile to reinforce the bearing strength of the shelf.

The movable (partition) wall system VAL is installed in modules, which makes installation quick and easy. Between the modules a sound insulation is installed, according to the sound resistance requirements. Modules can be attached to ceilings, walls and floors, as necessary. Electric wiring can be installed inside the grooves of the profiles. For finishing, trim or silicone is used.

WARRANTY: 2 years
(valid only when mounted by Wallenium Partition Walls)