Solid walls VIN98/124


The Wallenium VIN98/124 system is a demountable partition wall system which is ideal for easily dividing spaces, especially a good solution for office demising walls.
The system is composed of a metal structure and pre-finished gypsum panels. The panels and structure can be easily disassembled and stored which makes it possible to reinstall. These walls are installed differ- ently than regular drywall walls and are dust free.
The design, width and height of the demountable parti- tion walls will be specifically manufactured in accord- ance with the designer or customer requirements.

The VIN is composed of an inner metal structure which is composed of a bottom and top track, vertical posts and vertical end pieces. The top and bottom tracks are fastened to the ceiling and floor or can be installed using telescopic spring compressed posts which allows the wall to be installed between the ceiling and the floor without drilling holes. The walls are also insulated with batten for sound insulation.
The panels used for the VIN system are typically vinyl covered gypsum board. The wall can have a single layer of gypsum or two layers for better sound insulation. Also, as a special solution MDF panels can be used instead with a variety of finishes (available only with Omega-junction).
The panels are held in place by either special clips – so that only the joint between the panels stays visible which is a “V-junction” – or by a separate strip, in which case a white 40 mm Omega strip remains visible which is an “Omega junction”. In the case of the Omega-junction it can be filled with an infill piece or left as is.
To finish the perimeter of the wall, typically painted MDF trims are used but other solutions are also possible.

The VIN surface treatment is plasterboard covered with standard white vinyl wallpaper. Alternatively, wall coverings from the Durafort catalogue may also be selected.
As a special solution, other wall coverings such as veneer, melamine or laminate can also be used.